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Massage face, area of neck and field bust

Summary of seminar-training:

1. Isidor Zabludovsky - the founder of the theory of cosmetic massage in Russia (1882). A holistic approach to problems of beauty and proposed methods of massage, face and neck.
2. Anatomic topography of muscles, vessels and nerve branches of the head, neck and area of bust.
3. The techniques massage what is being used at each of the anatomical areas of the head, neck and area bust. Features of the implementation of massage techniques for such area.
4. Post-isometric relaxation of certain muscles to the face and neck.
5. Receptions gymnastics to the muscles of the face and self-massage of your face - the recommendations for regular customers.

6. Training everyone participants of this seminar for practical implement of these methods of post-isometric relaxation of muscles and various techniques of massage of the face, neck and area of bust.

There are links on this page about program on each day.

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