Russian massage
Integrated lymphatic drainage
Massage face and area of neck
St. Petersburg Postgraduate School of Nursing
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Massage in a Russian steam bath or into sauna.
Russian massage (classical)
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Lymphatic drainage face and body
Face massage and field bust
Massage in a Russian steam bath or into sauna.

Teaching massage techniques

Improvement of manual techniques for working masseurs can be done in two ways:
1. Come to our center ( site in Russian) and undergo training on the our training seminars:
- Russian massage (3 days);
- Integrated lymphatic drainage (3 days);
- Massage face and area of neck (3 days).
Organizational matters can be addressed through letters to e-mail
< > manager Elena (in Russian, English, French or Spanish).
2. You can gather a group of masseurs, beauticians and specialists in the field of aesthetic massage and to invite me to conduct training seminars with them.
Organizational matters can be resolved through letters by e-mail
< > teacher Stanislav Arkhipov (in Russian, English or Spanish).

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